Nola Dovreisi
"We do not endorse the suffering of our people, and all who live in Wintervale are such."
Player N/A
Campaign Songhaven
Title Queen
Race Elf
Class  ???
Age  ???
Gender Female
Height 6'1
Weight  ??
Hair Color White
Eye Color Light blue
Family Rainer Dovreisi (brother) , Mattias (adopted son), the Frozen Hearts
Affiliation Court of the Frozen Heart
Alignment  ??
The current ruler of Wintervale. Nicknamed the Ice Queen, this elven woman is known for both her extraordinary beauty and power and heads the Court of the Frozen Heart. Not much is known of her motives.

Of her Frozen Hearts, there are none she keeps closer than Lukas Rademacher, her informant, and Thief the Exiled.

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