Thief the Exiled
"I am not in the habit of allowing others to tell me how to feel."
Player Sarah
Campaign Songhaven
Title The Unyielding
Race Irotori
Class Rogue
Age 26 (Born 18th of Tideau, year 668)
Gender Female
Height 5'02"
Weight  ???
Hair Color Brown with blue tips
Eye Color Blue
Family The First Tribe of Wintervale

Lukas Rademacher (Boyfriend)
Ae Ressanei (Mother)
Sabura Ressanei (Father)

Affiliation Court of the Frozen Heart
Alignment Neutral Good
Up until recently, Sky-Feather, an Irotori of the First Tribe of Wintervale, was known as Thief the Exiled. She was excommunicated from her Tribe when she revealed vital information about her secretive people to one Lukas Rademacher, known to her as Rath Kader. This informatio

Sky-Feather as a child. (Lines by Sarah, coloring by Teza!)

n was, unfortunately, not taken well by the people of Wintervale, who then became nervous around and occasionally hostile towards Irotori.

Despite the racism towards Irotori, when she met with Nola Dovreisi, Queen of Wintervale, Sky-Feather (then Thief) was offered a position as a member of the Court of the Frozen Heart. She has since trained and served as a Frozen Heart, earning the title the Unyielding for her stubborn tenacity. Additionally, she worked to lessen the feelings of mistrust towards her people in Wintervale.

Sky-Feather's true name was returned to her by her mother, Ae Ressanei, leader of the Second Tribe of Wintervale.


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